Toni Olson is a National Marketing Director with the Juice PLUS+ Company and co-founder of Well Nourished Worldwide.  She is a two-time Elton Award nominee and featured “Mom on a Mission” on product, business and Children's Health Study videos.  Toni's passion is to help people take responsibility for their own health, wealth and vitality.  More specifically, Toni loves helping parents get their families eating well.  Toni says, “Health is a learned skill and one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of health.”  Prior to Well Nourished Worldwide, Toni served as international sales and marketing director for the Park City Chamber of Commerce.  Also, Toni worked for the United States Olympic Committee, in France, during the 1992 Winter Olympic Games (where she and Jeff met).  Prior, she helped coordinate international conferences for Tufts University in Talloires, France.  Toni received a double degree from Tufts University; International Relations and Nutrition. In addition, she is a certified health coach and wellness educator.

Jeff Olson is a business and social entrepreneur. After retiring from professional athletics, he had successful stints in the financial and technology industries. In 2000, after a health challenges with his Dad, he and his wife co-founded Well Nourished Worldwide.  Jeff is the co-founder of the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission (precursor to LiveWELL Colorado) and Operation Victory Gardens and Altius Farms. He serves on the boards of the Jimmy Heuga Center Endowment, Turn the Tide Foundation and the Colorado Olympians Association. He serves on the council of directors for the Glimmer Initiative / True Health Coalition.  He is a 2-time Olympian, 3 time national champion and Pan American gold medalist and two-time TEDx speaker  (View his TEDx talk "An Olympic Why" and "Victory Gardens, the Sequel" below).

Leaders are the best followers.  They are messengers of things bigger than themselves.  We stand at the convergence of the humanities and technology.  There are few things more human than eating healthy food and insanely great food technology can help people eat much, much more of it.  We invite you to explore working with us. 

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The Olsons: Bella, Josie (dog), Jeff, Toni, Sienna and Annecy

The Olsons