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Speaking: Lectures, seminars and keynotes (Audiences: Medical, health, wellness, fitness, human performance, athletic, civic, parent, faith, urban Ag, entrepreneurial, corporate).

Speaking videos:

An Olympic Why TED talk

Victory Gardens, the Sequel TED talk

Urban Emergence Festival concept

Live Olympic  Keynote address

Human Performance Nutrition​

Consulting and speaking

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Fruit & Vegetable Concentrates

Fastest growing residential gardening system in the country.   Simple and fun. 

Partnerships - distribution

Aeroponic, vertical gardening

Juice PLUS+ is a global leader and new standard.  Tried, proven and built to last.

We are always looking for people seeking to become income independent

Commerical: Vertical farming

Altius Farms

Tower Garden

Network Franchise

Juice PLUS+

Redeploying the American farm.

Jeff  and Toni